ProClean Cleaning Services Reviews Three Restaurants in Redlands, California.

ProClean Cleaning Services Reviews Three Restaurants in Redlands, California.

Approximately ten miles from the city of San Bernardino is Redlands, California.  It is a beautiful community that is comprised of close to two thousand acres of land.  The estimated population in 2018 was a little over seventy-one thousand residents.  Esri is the number one employer in Redlands, California with the School District coming in a close second.

At one time it was considered the largest producer of naval oranges in the world.  The city got its name, Redlands, because of the color of the adobe soil.  While it is a small community, there are plenty of businesses and schools that keep their restaurants busy.

Redlands CA RestaurantEureka is located at 345 W. Pearl Avenue in Redlands, California.  They are a small restaurant that prides itself with employees that have a big heart.  Jessica is a server who looks forward to going to work every day.  She wrote a story about a fellow employee that was shy and did not talk much.  Her name was Norma and she came to the states from Guatemala.

As their friendship grew while they were working at Eureka, Jessica helped Norma learn more of the English language.  One day Norma was very sad because she had just learned she lost a family member.  The employees chipped in and bought her a basket of goodies to cheer her up.

It says a lot about a place where the people truly care about one another.  Their outpouring of support for each other spills out to how they treat their clientele.  With well over a four-star rating and close to one thousand reviews on the world wide web, people are compelled to come back over and over again.

California Fish Grill opened it first store in 1998.  Since then they have opened several of them throughout California.  The one in Redlands, California is located at 27471 San Bernardino Avenue.  They have one slated to open in San Jose then are looking to open one in Las Vegas, Nevada.Redlands CA Restaurant Seafood

California Fish Grill is run by a bunch of top-notch players.  Their Chief Executive Officer is Bob Holden who has over twenty-five years of leading teams and working in restaurants.  Paul Potvin is the Chief Financial Officer with over twenty years in the restaurant business.  Vice President of Food and Beverage is Louie Jockson who started cooking in his family kitchen a a very young age.

They have a strong four- and one-half star rating on the internet with seven hundred and twenty-four positive posts.  They strive to use fish that is the freshest possible and bought from sustainable sources.

Redlands California RestaurantRed Panka is considered a Peruvian-Mexican fusion restaurant located at 1971 West Redlands Boulevard in Redlands, California.  They are a small family owned business who use recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Red Panka has an amazing variety of Tacos, Bowls, Burritos, wraps and salads that are sure to please even the pickiest eater.  The presentation of their bowls is something that should be missed.  The color of the food is vibrant and looks like it has been freshly prepared.

Many companies like to utilize their catering service.  They can cater groups from twenty-five up to two hundred.  Theirinternet evaluations give them a very strong thumbs up with well over four hundred posts.

ProClean Cleaning Services is a proud member of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association.  This association has an annual membership conference which allows companies who are in the restaurant hood cleaning business the ability to meet other hood cleaning companies around the united states.  Attending one of these conferences is valuable as attendees learn the latest in cleaning technologies and updated safety recommendations.

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