Miami Beach Restaurant Dining

Miami Beach Restaurant Dining

Miami Beach Restaurant Yardbird Southern GrillApril is going to be my month to head to Miami Beach for fun and business.  I have a couple clients in the area and I need to do a couple meetings with them.  So, I get to be a little touristy and enjoy the Miami Beach scene.  When I think of Miami Beach, I always associate it to clubbing and dining.  And from what I can tell, Miami Beach has incredible dining options.  One of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas also has a restaurant in Miami Beach, the infamous Yardbird Southern Table & Bar.  I’m not sure if I’ll go there since I’ve been to the other location several times.  But for the sake of making a decent list of great restaurants in Miami Beach – it’s on my list.

Miami Beach RestaurantsMiami Beach Restaurant SaffronFirst on my list of places to try in Miami Beach is Puerto Sagua Restaurant.  My buddy that owns Pro Hood Cleaning, based in Miami Beach, told me this is one that I have to go to and he will probably join me for lunch there. Oh boy.  We’re talking ox tail stew, cuban shredded beef, and of course, cuban sandwiches.  I am totally ready for this dining experience! The online restaurant reviews for Puerto Sagua Restaurant are amazing.  They’re located on Collins Ave in Miami Beach, right across the street from the iconic beach.

Miami Beach restaurant best cuban sandwichAt the corner of South Point Dr. & Washington Ave. is an iconic Miami Beach restaurant called Joe’s Stone Crab.  I can hardly wait!  The menu looks incredible and it is truly one of those places that you can’t skip when it comes to fine dining in Miami Beach.  Once again, I’m relying on the recommendations of a restaurant hood cleaning client of mine.  He says he eats at Joe’s at least once a month.

I have a love of Mediterranean food and I always look forward to finding a great Mediterranean restaurant in any town.  So, when I saw the exceptional online restaurant reviews for Safron Mediterranean Grill, I knew that I had to put them on my list of Miami Beach restaurants. They’re located on Washington Ave.

Miami Beach Restaurant The ForgeWhen I started looking for fine dining in Miami Beach, one of the spots that really caught my attention is The Forge. This incredible restaurant is in an iconic repurposed building and the decor inside is opulent in comparison to many restaurants that I’ve ever seen. I’m sure the fantastic restaurant reviews keep this place busy and I will be putting in for a reservation far in advance to my visit to Florida.  I’m hoping that I can tour the whole restaurant and see the amazing rooms that they’ve set up for private parties.

Miami Beach FIne Dining at The ForgeSo, that’s my list of Miami Beach restaurants that I want to visit.  I hope to get some opinions from locals that know the city well.  If you have any Miami Beach restaurant tips, please let me know in the comments.


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