About Us

About Us

Welcome to Hostel La Danesa! Or is it Hostel Ladanesa? If you can guess, we’ll give you something. You get to pick your own prize, but you pay for it. We’ll let you keep it, though. For those of you who don’t know what a hostel is, google says that it’s a small, affordable place for lodging. Not a hotel room, but not a motel room. It’s more of something in between. This is by no means an actual website with lodging for sale, however we will talk about hostels so you can provide any recent stories or just info in general.

Do you know what the phrase “La Danesa” means in English? I’ll give you a hint: they’re typically filled with cheese, and are served at most continental breakfasts. If you guessed “The Danish”, you would be correct. We may not be Danish, but our website is about Danish hostels. I read somewhere online that you typically share a hostel with a roommate, but they offer kitchens and occasionally multiple floors. Who knows, if you offer to make them a meal, maybe they’ll pay for your lodging?

I won’t, but you can offer me food anyways. If we ever somehow end up in a position where we own a place of lodging, we’ll make sure to put you higher up on the guest list. You might even make VIP status. Emphasis on the “might”. After all, if I’m managing my own place of business, we’re only housing the richest and most honorable of guests. We’ll occasionally open the doors up to peasants, but only to throw out the food that nobody wanted. Being homeless is a choice, after all.

If you’re interested in contacting me further, just go check the contact page. If our website sounds extremely interesting to you, drop a like and subscribe to my channel. Just kidding, it’s not a YouTube video. However, if you manage your own hostel website, maybe we can even partner up. I’m always the brains of the operation, so if you can handle being the brawn, shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading my about page.  We have friends that are opening a French restaurant in Nampa Idaho.