My past weekend (saturday)

My past weekend (saturday)

Contrary to popular belief, I actually did something other than playing video games this weekend. And that also excludes watching Netflix. I can’t even watch Netflix anymore, because someone changed their password so I longer have access. In any event, I had a full schedule for both of my days. On Saturday, I went boating again with my dad, Sheri, and her son Ty. This time, however, we brought a biscuit of our own so I could actually ride it. Last time we only had Sheri’s inflatable duck, but it was designed for children under the age of 10 so I couldn’t sit on top. I had to hang onto the handles and just dangle behind it, which was extremely taxing on my arms.

We almost picked out the pizza slice-shaped float, but it was around $50 or $60 and that’s way too much for something I can’t even use outside of water. Our biscuit actually has four handles, so two people could have ridden it at the same time. That would probably be pretty tough, because I took up the whole thing by myself. Maybe if you had two little kids riding it, they could manage. My dad kept trying to whip me off, but I held on the whole time. I kept trying out different positions, like laying on my stomach, sitting up, and even sitting on my knees. One of the waves actually cracked me really hard in the side of the head when I was riding on my knees.

I doubt it gave me a concussion, but it hit me hard enough to make me lose awareness for a second. One of my friends who recently had a concussion was talking to me about his plans for renting out property in the future. Fortunately for him, if he goes to Las Vegas, I can help him out. I know where to get a city of las vegas short-term rental permit. Now that I think about it, I had a small headache all weekend so that wave probably caused it. All in all, it was pretty fun. Even when I wasn’t riding the biscuit, I was just floating around in the water. I love being in the water. My brain was fried by the time we got home, though. Now I know how Cheech and Chong feel every day.

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