Favorite genre of movies

Favorite genre of movies

If you don’t know me personally, I prefer realistic movies or just nonfiction in general. I make exceptions, but only because I’ve been watching superhero movies since I was a baby. My all-time favorite genre is more of a sub-genre, but it’s heist movies. Pulling off successful heists is like the pinnacle of problem solving and intelligence, because it’s essentially just a giant puzzle that you have to solve. A very complex puzzle with lots of moving pieces that require careful planning. Heists and taking scores have always interested me. I wouldn’t actually try one, because you will always get caught. Even as long as humans have been around, there have only been a few successful heists.

Maybe it’s just because the heists were completely off the radar so nobody ever knew about them? Or maybe whatever was stolen just belonged to someone involved in crime, so they had nobody to approach about it because it would reveal their illegal activities. In any event, I actually own a few heist movies. I recently watched Logan Lucky, another heist movie, and saw my buddy who works for the Reno Chiropractor. My top three favorites are Heat, starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, The Score, featuring Edward Norton and also featuring De Niro, and Heist, with Gene Hackman, Sam Rockwell, and a few others.

The reason they top my list is because they were well thought out and weren’t just plain action movies where everyone gets away and the bad guys lose. Ocean’s 11 is good, but that’s more silly than realistic heist movie. Who plans all that just to get a girl? He literally put multiple peoples’ lives on the line just to get a girl back. Some genius. I The reason I like Heat the most is because it features multiple heists, stars two of the greatest actors, and also contains one of the most realistic police shootout scenes I’ve ever seen. And I watch a ton of movies, so I know what I’m talking about. I could probably be a movie critic, except I always tend to enjoy movies that other people don’t so all the other reviewers would disagree with me.

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