Facts about Las Vegas Car Insurance

Facts about Las Vegas Car Insurance

Did you know that about one in seven drivers out on the roadways are driving without car insurance?  That statistic is staggering to me.  I found that information regarding car insurance in Las Vegas through the IRC (Insurance Research Council).  The good news is that this extremely disturbing figure is getting better and is on the decline.  I’m certain that it is due to automatic systems that have been put into place to detect whether you do or do not carry car insurance by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).  This is just simply one main reason to have car insurance that provides you protection from uninsured motorists.pricing car insurance in las vegas

Here’s a fact about teens and Las Vegas car insurance that I was unaware of.  I guess it’s been so long since I had a teen driver that I didn’t remember this.  A teen that is driving on his or her learners permit with an insured adult in the vehicle does not need car insurance.  Once the teen has their full drivers license, they will then need to obtain their own personal car insurance policy.  I do remember that part of the equation as we had a son and boys are much more expensive to insure at a young age than girls.  I found that interesting and actually did some research at the time.  It turns out that young male drivers are much more likely to get into an auto accident than younger girls.  It’s probably due to the younger girls that are making the boys distracted.  Just saying right?  One good point to make though is that it is usually less expensive for the teen driver to be added on to the current family car insurance policy.car insurance las vegas

What you pay as a premium here in Las Vegas for car insurance depends on several different key factors.  And no, you are not going to pay more for your car insurance just because the color of your car is red.  That is a total myth that has been spread around for years.  The amount that you use your vehicle and how far you drive to work is one factor.  Age and gender is a factor that I find a little bit discriminating.  Your zip code, marital status, and credit score are also other indicators of how much your Las Vegas car insurance premiums will be.  One of my best pieces of advice is that before you go out in the car buying world, do your homework.  Jot down the vehicles that you are interested in purchasing and talk to your local agent.  They will be happy to tell you the difference in premiums between the vehicles.  Las Vegas car insurance is tricky and you will see that there can be substantial premium differences in like automobiles just because one is a Ford and one is a Toyota.  Seems strange but that is the fact.

If you are getting all kinds of quotes for car insurance and everything seems too high, here are some tips on getting the premiums lowered.  One great tip is to add on your home owners insurance policy or even a renters insurance policy to create a bundle package.  Insurance companies love when you do that and will reward you generously.  Another way is to raise your deductibles.  Let’s face it, do you really use your car insurance?  Hopefully not.  By raising the deductible, you’ll be saving tremendous amount of dollars so that if anything did go wrong you would have the money to take care of it.las vegas car insurance

Ask for discounts as well.  Some shady car insurance companies won’t tell you about their available discounts.  That’s why it is important that you deal with a reputable insurance agent.  We use the folks at Las Vegas Car Insurance Pros.  They are not only extremely friendly, but their customer service is second to none.  They’ve been selling car insurance in Las Vegas and surrounding southern Nevada for decades and have tons of knowledge in the industry.

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