At Long Last, I Have Found Great Tulsa Eye Care

At Long Last, I Have Found Great Tulsa Eye Care

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The demand for eye care in Tulsa is definitely not nonexistent, and my friends and I all thought that we could not find a single Tulsa optometrist that met all of our needs. Either the service cost too much, the optometrists couldn’t handle their workload and had no time for us, or people told us not to go there. I decided to take to the internet in an effort to find a Tulsa eye clinic near me with positive online reviews. All of the other online articles I found pointed to Dr. Zoellner & Associates, even if the author themself was not from Tulsa. If people are coming from other cities just to visit this Tulsa optometrist, then they must be really good.

With the other Tulsa optometry that I tried, it seemed like I couldn’t find a balance with all the different things that I wanted. I’m not an extremely picky person, there are just things that I need in order to be fully satisfied with the service. After all, these are my eyes we’re talking about! I work largely from a computer, so unless I decided to have a sudden change in career that could support an optical disability then eye care in Tulsa will always be one of my top priorities. As soon as you enter the building, a friendly receptionist will tend to your every need.

She won’t become your personal assistant or anything, but if you have any questions then she knows everything about the place. She probably even knows when it was founded, and little info like that. I still have yet to ask, because the service was so great that I haven’t needed to come back (yet). Hopefully I don’t jinx it. That is another thing I love about these Tulsa eye doctors, though.

If you have to keep going back to your Tulsa optometrist each month for repeated appointments, that is a bad sign. There are rare cases where there is a legitimate issue with someone’s eyes that necessitates constant visits, but in most cases the unreliable Tulsa eye doctors are just trying to leech off of you. Dr. Zoellner & Associates has started to change my opinion of the medical professionals in Tulsa. The Tulsa optometrist doesn’t just want to keep you coming back, he wants to make sure your needs are met so he can tend to other people who are having issues with their eyesight as well. I appreciate that Dr. Zoellner & Associates cares more about the customer service than all of the other eye doctors in Tulsa.

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I understand that it is a bold statement, but I am prepared to back it up. Just look at their $99 deal, for example. You can get one pair of glasses AND and eye exam for just $99. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the prices of Tulsa eye care, this is amazing. You can get a second pair of glasses for just $30 more, and that’s it. There’s no contract or anything like a phone, you just get the gift of vision.

One problem that I have encountered with Tulsa eye clinics in the past was their selection for glasses frames. I know it sounds weird and it is kind of a nitpicky thing, but I really liked the frames at Dr Zoellner & Associates. This is a very great business overall, and they checked all the boxes that I usually look for in reliable Tulsa optometrists. I no longer dread the next eye appointment that I will have to inevitably schedule, and for that I thank you, Dr Zoellner & Associates.

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